Saturday, March 14, 2015

High Metabolism Diet to Keep Your Weight in Check

There are different types of diet that focus on body metabolism and high metabolism diet is one of them. The main idea of this diet is to consume certain kind of foods that will boost up body metabolism. When body metabolism work on higher speed, then it means that the amount of fat that was burn are more than it used to, which will lead people to lose several pounds from their body in shorter time. This diet is developed by Dan Benardot and Tammy Lakatos. They claimed that following the right path of this diet, people can start to shed their weight in as little as two weeks, while in the same time, people will get much better sleep, feel firmer and have more energy to do daily activity than before. This diet will give better result when it was combining with special workout that focuses on boosting up body metabolism. 

The Basic Rule of High Metabolism Diet


In order to make the diet work, there are 11 basic rules that people must follow and by following these rules, people will be able to see the promising result as little as 2 weeks.

    Never skip breakfast

Breakfast will give people the energy to do their daily activity. Why? Because breakfast will jump start body metabolism, which is the source of energy that people use all day

    Get enough food everyday

Limiting food intake everyday is the basic idea of many diets. In high metabolism diet, people should keep their food intake enough (around 1,200 calories each day), not more and not less than that. When people consume less than that, their body metabolism will start to slow down and it will do no good to help people lose their weight

    Have some coffee or tea

There are many health benefits that people can enjoy from a glass of tea or coffee, and boosting up body metabolism is one of them. Drinking coffee and tea can boost up body metabolism around 5 to 12% everyday

    Get more fiber

Fiber is good for digestion system and it also can help to burn body fat

    Drink enough water

Water will keep body hydrated and researcher found that drinking enough water everyday also will help to raise body metabolism speed

    Eat more organic food as much as possible

The scientist believe that the toxins from pesticide will interfere in energy burning process, so try to get more organic food to make sure that nothing will stand in the way

    Get enough protein

People need protein to build lean muscle and develop body tissue. In the other hand, protein will help in post meal calorie burn, so make sure to include protein on every meal

    Get more iron rich foods

Iron will help our body to carry the oxygen that was needed by our muscles to burn fat

    Get enough vitamin D from salmon, egg, milk, tuna and shrimp

    Less alcohol, because alcohol will slow down fat burning process

    Get enough calcium. The researcher believe that calcium deficiency especially in women will slow down the metabolism

The rules are simple enough and people can incorporate it every day in their life. The high metabolism diet is not as strict as any other diet so anyone can follow it without much trouble and see the result in no time.